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    Petronas syntium

    Most internal combustion engines (ICE) only convert around 35 of fuel into power. The remaining energy is not converted into useful work, but instead wasted, dissipated mainly as heat. To support thermal efficiency, engines need to stay cool in critical areas where excessive heat causes damage to engine parts. PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTechTM technology maximises efficiency by controlling engine-damaging heat in order to better protect the engine’s critical parts – while the additional heat controlling ability of CoolTechTM lowers fuel consumption and emissions by up to 3 for cleaner, more sustainable motoring.

    Petronas urania

    PETRONAS Urania with StrongTechTM technology is engineered to stay stronger for longer, forming a uniquely strong fluid film to extend drain intervals and engine life, maximise performance and keep you both moving. PETRONAS Urania with StrongTechTM technology is formulated with incredibly strong molecule chains that lock away harmful deposits to maintain optimal viscosity and defend against wear and oxidation, extending the oil’s efficiency right up to the next drain.

    Petronas Tutela

    At PETRONAS, we understand that a vehicle’s engine is only part of its overall performance story. There are a number of other extremely hardworking systems that are just as critical to a vehicle’s efficient, continued performance – systems that demand a technically advanced fluid system, but which are often under-valued and overlooked. We call these systems the Hidden Heroes – and PETRONAS Tutela is here to champion them all. Complex and operating under continual pressure at high temperatures, a vehicle’s Transmission System is the very definition of a Hidden Hero. Always ready, always precise, always accurate.

    Petronas industrial Solutions

    We work with our customers as one team, developing a deep understanding of their needs and challenges. Our global team of experts is dedicated to delivering innovative, energy-efficient solutions to optimize performance while minimizing environmental impact, helping businesses to meet their sustainability goals. Together, we drive industrial resilience to build a stronger, more sustainable future for all.

    In Fortune GLOBAL 500’s TOP Companies in 2018

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    Petronas World Class Player

    A fully integrated O&G company with operations in a broad spectrum of the O&G valuechain in more than 90 countries

    Global Top 10 in the industry

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    Total sales volume of over 900 million litres in 2018

    generating over USD 1.5 billion in group revenue

    Manufactures & markets a wide range of automotive & industrial lubricants in over

    90 countries

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    We market lubricants across 5 continents, in over 90 countries around the globe. With 2,300 employees globally – we are a diverse, multilingual workforce

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