Our vision is to transform the automotive aftermarket industry by supplying quality brands and products that deliver a pinnacled driving experience.


Our mission is to deliver dedicated customer service excellence and satisfaction to sell premium branded products, whilst operating on a sound financial basis, resulting in profitable growth, thereby ensuring career opportunities, personal growth and added value for all its stakeholders.



We reflect proven tenability from our kinship with the Towell Group


We take ownership of every action and every action reflects our conviction


Our commitment is driven by our desire to be the best we can


To be the best.

GM's Message

Eint offers Oman the dual advantage of being bolstered by the renowned Towell Group, which has been in business in Oman since 1866, and the energy of an enterprising young company. We exhibit a sense of vigour and excitement as we aim to challenge market leaders. With the credibility of seasoned professionals, we envisage rapid growth and long-term presence.

Our innovative products are global and challenge the status quo in technology, durability and provide value for money solutions in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Our Products ranges include:

  1. Tyres-Automotive, Industrial and Off the road Tyres which are manufactured in the state of the art factories in Japan, China & India.
  2. Lubricants-Automotive, Industrial & Marine Lubricants from the top class manufacturers from Korea, India, UAE & Oman.
  3. Automotive maintenance free Batteries manufactured by the Global leader and manufactured in the OE Certified plants in India
  4. Vehicle safety & warning products manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Most importantly our vibrant customer service team ensure that each one of our customers are satisfied in their domain without fail.